Paint India with David Rankin


Well you’re not alone. In fact artists have been fascinated with India in a big way for a very long time. Beginning in the early to middle 1700‘s... and continuing for over 100 year’s... India was the single most sought after artistic destination on earth for hundreds of talented amateur and professional painters from Europe. In fact, the early artists of the late 1700’s actually set the stage and style for all of the other artists who explored the world throughout the 1800’s.


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An Artistic Expedition of a lifetime... 3 fabulous weeks of creative work... sketching, drawing, & painting the astounding beauty of India’s exotic desert region of Rajasthan with one of the world’s top professional watercolor painters, David Rankin.

As an artist... have you ever thought you’d like to explore & paint exotic India?

So what’s this trip all about?

  1.     Traveling & Working with David Rankin in India

  2.     Rajasthan as an amazing Artistic Destination for painters

            Exotic Architecture • Landscapes • Colorful Markets • The People

            The Culture • Wildlife • Galleries & Museums

•      Expedition Objectives & Limitations - Artistic focus & interests for this trip

You’ll be traveling, painting, and working with the painter who is considered to be the top artist in the world focusing such a diverse and comprehensive artistic effort on India... David Rankin. David has been traveling to India frequently since 1970, his first 4 month trip living in the Himalayas practicing yoga in a small classic ashram right on the banks of the Ganges.

In 1985 he began his present effort to “Paint India” in a more cohesive and professional manner. And since then has had his work exhibited in over 115 museum shows as well as numerous books, and magazines.

And on this trip David will take a limited number of artists along with him on a concentrated painting expedition into Rajasthan... the most exotic region of India.

This should not be thought of as a vacation. Rather it is a 3 week painting expedition where you will be working side by side with David, both in the field, as well as in studio all over Rajasthan.

Few artists know India the way David does. And in addition, few painters have the extraordinary “Working Method” that David Rankin does. And he will work closely with every artist as we travel & work to rapidly upgrade your existing skills in a wide range of imaging skills.

Primary Artistic Destinations:

On this trip... we’ll sketch, draw, photograph, video, and paint in both plein air as well as studio in Delhi • Taj Mahal • Rajasthan

We’ll also conducted an Art Exhibition of our collective work in Jaipur with a public opening meeting the vital art community of Jaipur, as well as the media.

We’ll be staying in a number of astounding old “heritage hotels”, like nothing you ever seen before. Many of India’s ancient rulers built astoundingly elaborate homes... called havelis. And these have been converted into very quaint hotels with amazingly artistic design and interiors that are a work of art unto themselves. Explore Shekhawati Region right now... Click Here!