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Click Here to Visit David’s Wild India Exhibition Right Nowhttp://viewartbetter.com/vab/exp/Rankin/David-Rankin-Wild-India.html
When you enter David’s Exhibition... just click the artwork for a much large image to review!http://viewartbetter.com/vab/exp/Rankin/David-Rankin-Wild-India.html
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All of the Basic Info about David’s career, his professional organization memberships and accomplishments.

Review 50 of David’s paintings from his Images of India Watercolor Collection in his very first Virtual Gallery.

Visit David’s new site dedicated to all kinds of additional content for anyone interested in Watercolor. This site has a lot of David’s work in India, as well as a lot of actual Training Materials for artists.

David’s creative efforts to develop the most comprehensive artistic examination of the Ganges Himalayas ever done... is highlighted here, along with a short video of David and his team arriving at the high-altitude glacial origins of the Ganges.

David’s Official Website with lots of additional paintings

Visit David’s site just for his Plein Air Paintings done directly from Nature.

David’s $1000 Watercolors from his work in Yellowstone National Park.

David’s artistic interest in India began back in 1970 when he lived and trained with a famous Yoga Master, in his small classic ashram on the banks of the Ganges. Read how David’s long time interest in Yoga has helped shape his entire artistic career. Click Image

ARUNDHATI - India’s “Elephant Queen” Dies

If you visit my new Realistic Traveling Exhibition “WILD INDIA”, above, you can see this painting in much greater detail. I did this painting to commemorate India’s most legendary elephant, Arundhati

( pronounced... “ah... roon... dotty”)

She had a very tragic and fatal accident a month or so after she carried us around Rajaji National Park. She was 80 years old and had carried virtually all of India’s major political leaders and foreign dignitaries through India’s jungles.

Click this image to read more about her.

Check out David’s other Realistic Exhibitions. David is developing an entirely unique new way for people to enjoy Fine Art on the Internet. And these are David’s first exhibitions created by ViewArtBetter.Com.