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I’d like to welcome you to my new Apple iWeb Site. In this site I will try to provide visitors and friends with a diverse and hopefully entertaining panorama of the various creative efforts I am involved with all over the world, most of which involve watercolor..

Why Watercolor?  In other mediums artists can make 1000 mistakes and simply paint over them until they hopefully get it right! But with watercolor, painters have to actually know what they’re doing from the beginning. Transparent watercolor is an amazing medium for artists to express their creative vision of the world. Over my long career I have painted in Oils, Acrylics, Egg Tempera, and Pastels. I’ve worked with Colored Pencils, Etched metal plates, and done both Wood Block & Linoleum Prints. But of all the artistic mediums I’ve ever used... Transparent Watercolor on rough papers is the most versatile, most immediate, emotional, and spiritual. It is by far, the most creatively satisfying medium I’ve ever worked with.

21st Century Watercolor   And today, coupled with all of the vast array of amazing new imaging & communication technologies, I am able to travel to the ends of the earth carrying my fully functional production studio. I have all of my traditional sketching & painting gear, just like artists have had since the 1700’s. But now I also have digital cameras & camcorders... and our Macintosh laptops with amazing software coupled with WiFi communication, and merged worldwide with my various websites and ongoing internet communication systems. It’s a great time to be alive... and a Watercolor Painter in this 21st century.

“Real Artists use Watercolor©” / David Rankin

The world looks better in Watercolor©

David & Deanna Rankin by the Ganges in India.

David, Ashleigh DeVito, & Deanna along Ganges

David Rankin’s Watercolors