The idea is simple. The visual effect is wonderful.

About 4 years ago I began working with a long time professional associate, Anthony Cannata, to try and create a totally new way for people to see & enjoy artwork on the internet. And this is one of our first creations. We soon added another partner, Thomas Woodman, a top Cleveland architect. And over these past 3 years we have gradually expanded & refined our creation into what we now refer to as viewartbetter 2.0. You can visit my original gallery by clicking the large header at the top of this page.

Traditional Art Gallery  What we now create is realistic looking Art Galleries where artwork can be seen & enjoyed far better than regular websites. It looks like a Gallery... not a Website.

See Artwork at Actual Size  You don’t have to read measurements to understand how big the artwork is. Just look at t!

High Res not Low Res  My various websites all use low resolution images. But in my Virtual Gallery the Closer Look Windows© use very high resolution images. Plus we protect these high quality images.

Extreme Magnification  Then... you can enlarge the images as big as you want to see even the tiniest details.

Added Video & High Tech Enhancements  And in addition you can add video, PDF Books & Catalogues, Slide Shows with Music, PodCasts, Bios, Order Brochures, etc, etc. Click the “Paint India” icon.

I’ll be remodeling my gallery soon. So be sure and “friend me”.

Amazing new way to view artwork

Virtual Art Gallery Features

Click the Snow Leopard’s face and enter my Virtual Gallery. And you’ll see tiny thumbnail images of the artwork next to the Showroom Video. These are Closer Look Windows©. When you click on the magnifiers you can enlarge the High Res Images as big as you’d like, and drag it around to see even the tiniest details & texture.

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