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Why David loves Watercolor

David’s Professional background, associations, & memberships

Learn all about David’s cool new Virtual Art Gallery.

David refers to the artistic ability to paint directly from Nature,

as the Golden Tradition.

Visit David’s own Plein Air Painting Site.

Review David’s efforts to create the world’s first comprehensive artistic exploration of the origins of the Ganges River.

One of David’s unique creative efforts in the Ganges Himalayas is to create the first-ever Working Artist Map showing where some of the very best painting sites are.

Watch David’s multi-media video presentation featuring his AFC Flag Expedition and his working method for creating his amazing Artist Journal.

David is one of the top Watercolor Trainers in the Country. But in addition to training artists in Watercolor... he also teaches artists his unique techniques for... Fast Sketching.


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David Rankin
Artist Training../David_Rankin_Watercolor_Training/David_Rankin_Worldwide_Watercolor_Training_Materials_2010/David_Rankin_Worldwide_Watercolor_Training_Materials_2010.html

David Rankin is one of the top Watercolor Instructors in America. He is presently developing a unique new website that will offer artists all over the world a remarkable new way to work directly with David. And one of the tools he has been using now for many years is detailed PDF instructions communicated to artists worldwide via the internet. You’ll need to have the widely used Adobe® Reader installed on your computer. Click this icon below to get the FREE Reader®

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Best Views 
for Artists of All KindsBest_Vistas.htmlBest_Vistas.htmlBest_Vistas.htmlBest_Vistas.htmlshapeimage_15_link_0shapeimage_15_link_1shapeimage_15_link_2
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Review several comprehensive Artist Articles for David’s Watercolor Expedition.

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