Painting Directly From Nature / Plein Air

David sketches & paints plein air all over the world / visit David’s Plein Air Website


Watercolors Golden Tradition   Watercolor became the world’s most transportable medium in the mid-1700’s. And it allowed artists an incredible amount of creative freedom to travel & paint all over the world. And as David often highlights in his various lectures & workshops...

    The artistic satisfaction of being able to pack up your gear and paint... outside... directly from Nature... close to home... or in some far off distant land on the other side of the world... is the ultimate artistic skill.

    According to David, it is this unique artistic skill-set which epitomizes the Golden Tradition of artists, especially Watercolor Painters. And David is a true master of this tradition. You can see some of his work here. But you can see a more by clicking...  David’s Plein Air Painters Website.

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