David Rankin in the Ganges Himalayas

David Rankin’s Himalayan Watercolor Expedition / The AFC Flag Expedition 2 / 2007


A 200 Year Watercolor Tradition  In May/June of 2007 American watercolor painter, David Rankin, and his small team, worked their way up and down all 4 of the major tributaries of the fabled Ganges river. David was honored to win the coveted “Flag Expedition Grant” from the Artists for Conservation organization ( natureartists.com ). The “Flag Expedition Program” is a unique effort designed to promote extreme artistic exploration around the world.

    But according to David, My 21st century expedition was actually a continuation of an artistic effort that originated with a Scottish artist/explorer, James Baille Fraser, back in 1815. Fraser was in fact the very first “European” to ever venture up into this region of the Himalayas. Oddly enough, Fraser was also a talented 19th century artist & watercolor painter. And it was his groundbreaking creative efforts which first focused the eyes of the world on the extraordinary beauty found in this part of the India.

David’s 21st Century Effort  The Himalayas have been a highly inspirational focus for legions of artists over these past 200 years. And today, as David gradually expands his creative efforts, he is now creating the single most comprehensive artistic survey of this region that has ever been done. David states, I’m not a scientist, but an artist. And I want to simply present the beauty of this river and the mountain vistas where she is born... to the world.

2-Page spreads from David’s Artist Journal

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David & Team arrive at Goumukh / Gangotri Glacier

The Artists for Conservation

Flag Expedition 2 Team 2007

David Rankin • Kelly Dodge • Ashleigh DeVito • Deanna Rankin at the Gangotri Glacier

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