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David Rankin’s Selection of India Websites & Blogs

Gangotri Conservation Site : Conservation efforts in Ganges Himalayas / This is the main website of Dr. Harshvanti Bisht, Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand, India. She is one of the most active and expert professionals trying to save the Himalayan ecosystems in the Gangotri/Gaumukh Region of Northern India.

The Best of India’s Art, Travel, Wildlife, Culture, & Nature Websites : Ever since I first started visiting India regularly I have come in contact with many very accomplished experts, all with various kinds of info that can be helpful to others. So I’ve decided to begin to assemble an easy access link list for anyone who may need help finding out reliable info about India. If you have a site that you think I should include, Contact. David Rankin /

Karthik’s Journal : India’s Flowering Trees & Insects / One of the very best sites I’ve found for a vast assortment of expert info pertaining to various features of India’s amazing flora & fauna and natural environment.

Bharatpur : World’s Best Bird Sanctuary / Keoladeo National Park is my favorite bird sanctuary in the entire world. Easy to get to. Easy to see 100 species in a day. Also a Rock Python Sanctuary! And only 1 hour west of the Taj Mahal. Really Cool!

India Mike Website: Cool Travel Site / There are 1000 India Travel Sites. But this one offers a different sort of been there done that knowledge and covers just about anything anyone would ever want to see & do in India.

Best Tiger Sanctuaries: Corbet, Ranthambhor & Bhandavgar / Although India has a large number of great Tiger Sanctuaries... here are what I think of as the best for viewing not only tigers; which is actually quite difficult & lucky, but a wide diversity of other birds & animals.

The Imperial Hotel Delhi: Sleep in an Art Museum / The Imperial is one of my favorite hotels in India. It is filled with one of the very best art collections of old prints from the artists of the 1800’s. If you are an artist in Delhi... you must check it out... even if it’s just for an iced coffee!

The Glass House Hotel / Luxury right on the Ganges / An amazingly wonderful small hotel about 24 km northeast of Rishikesh. It sits right on the Ganges. I spent a day painting here and I could have spent a month! Great accommodations. Great Food. Great Setting. One of the elegant Neemrana Hotel Group’s Heritage Hotels.

Art Gallery Guide New Delhi / One of the Best Online Guides / Delhi has become a hot art market of late with a lot of great galleries. And this guide will help you find whatever your interests are.

A Great NPR Audio Series on the Ganges / Listen while you work / India's holy Ganges River provides sustenance to more people than the population of the United States. A 1,550-mile journey along Mother Ganga offers a unique glimpse of what lies behind the complexities of India today.

The Best India Guide / Carry it with you / This guide is probably the most comprehensive of all Travel Guides to India. We’ve been using this guide for decades. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for in this guide... you should worry about where you’re going & why?

PBS Show of India Glaciers / Interesting / In 2007 this was one of 3 regions of the Ganges Himalayas that I and my Watercolor Expedition visited. The show is a bit alarmist but well done.